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The Fox 180m

Park at the Coral Creek/White Goat staging area next to the cline river. Head directly towards the cliffs from a trail at the parking lot. You should encounter a sign for The David Thomson Corridor Climber's Association along the way. The descent route follows switchbacks on the other side of the ridge and takes you back to the cline river. Be courteous of other climbers and yield to faster parties.


Responsibility Code

  1. Always climb with alertness and careful judgement.

  2. Observe and follow all posted signs and warnings.

  3. Before beginning your climb ensure that you have ALL of the Mandatory equipment, that the equipment is in good Working order and that you have the knowledge and ability to use it correctly.

  4. Be aware of other climbers, those ahead of you have the Right of way. It is very likely that a climber above you will cause rockfall.

  5. Up, up, up! Via Ferrata climbing is a one way trip. Take the hiking trail down when you top out. No down climbing permitted!

  6. Climbing must be done with the use of Via Ferrata lanyards. No multi-pitch climbing.

  7. The mountain environment is constantly changing, be prepared for all kinds of weather, even if the weather is fine when you begin. Climbing in wet condition is not permitted.

  8. No alcohol or drug use of any kind.

  9. All people under the age of 16 require the supervision of a certified guide.

  10. All commercial use requires a permit. Please phone Sustainable Resource Development at 403 845 8272 to Obtain one. All guides must be ACMG or IFMGA affiliated.

  11. Register your trip on this website after your climb!

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